Code Enforcement Officer Relationship

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Hello All, 

I am considering reaching out to my local code enforcement officer to try and build a relationship. Have any of you done this before and if so, what did you say to initiate that conversation and did you find the relationship helpful in your endeavors?

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To what end? Are you anticipating having problems keeping your properties within code? Personally, if I'm on a first-name basis with code enforcement, then I have a problem.


@Montai Edwards I have a property that I inherited from my parents in my hometown. The enforcement officer posted a note on the home. Which led me to reach out to them. I reached out initially to work with me to get the property up to code. But I kept the relationship going in order to get a list of other properties and homeowners information. The only issue with that list is that the homeowner cannot sell the property until it's up to code. But as far as what to say to an Enforcement Officer: I'd explain to them what you do and if they have any properties available. Ask what laws govern the purchase of a property that's not in code.