Looking for a mentor to walk me through on a wholesale or two.

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Hello everyone, Like many of you Rich Dad Poor Dad was a real eye opener for me. I currently live in California and run a pizza shop for someone else. The salary isn't great but with my military disability it's enough combined for my wife and I to live comfortably. However we're moving to NJ to build our family (closer to our families, so our one day children will have grandparents and whatnot) where I will not have my manager job or salary waiting for me. So my plan is to wholesale houses out there. Get a few under my belt then hopefully have enough saved up to become a buyer and flipper, and eventually hold a few long term properties. But I think wholesale is the way to start, and I've read a few books on it and feel I have an okay idea about it. But I would really appreciate it if someone could take me through one before I move. Let me see the steps, the snafus, where things go wrong and how to address them. Please will you mentor me? I'm a fast learner and very passionate about the business. I'd be willing to split my first 2 wholesale fees 50/50 with whomever takes the time to show me. Let me do the work, you only guide and advise, you get half the money I would make on the deal.