Searching for tax delinquent list

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Does anybody here know how to get a tax delinquent list for Cook County, DuPage County or Kane County in Illinois? I know you can get it from the court house but the lists are just everyone and I need people that are behind 2 years or more. Anybody know a good lead list provider that has data for Illinois?

Illinois has a couple of interesting items you need to be aware of. 

I was told that whoever bought the first years back taxes has first right of refusal on years two and three. You may only be able to bid on first year tax delinquencies. 

We have seen out of state buyers bidding zero interest on year one just to lock in years two and three.

We also had the former treasurer of Madison County, IL go to jail for bid rigging tax sales. Not sure how far the legal proceedings have gone against his co conspirators.