Becoming a Wholesaler

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Hello my fellow real estate experts!

My name is Edgardo and I am a junior at The University of Texas at San Antonio where I am majoring in business administration management and a full time employee at a law firm. I am interested in real estate wholesaling as a side hustle. What is the first step to become a wholesaler? How did you begin? 

I am outgoing, outspoken and confident in my abilities to go into this field, please help. 

Hello Edgardo, and congratulations on picking this industry as your "side hustle". Over the long run you may find that your side hustle becomes your "main hustle". IMHO, the REI Industry is The best chance that an individual has to quickly and successfully become self-employed.

You're on the correct site to begin your educational journey. Take advantage of all the free resources available right here on BP. Read, watch and ask will find many on this site willing to help!

Good Luck!

@Edgardo Correa

The most important aspect of wholesaling is the contacts you have in this business. It's imperative that you start networking with other investors in your area. Find local investments meetings through and These are the people who will teach you the business, the vocabulary, and be buying from you.

Welcome to real estate investing!

@Edgardo Correa

Welcome to BP and welcome to the industry. Education up front is important. There is tons of free info on YouTube and other platforms. Follow big wholesalers on Instagram, they provide a lot of free content as well.