What can a wholesaler offer a realtor?

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If I, as a wholesaler, were to ask a real estate agent to generate a comparable sales statement for me, what's in it for them? I understand rehabbers can offer to list the property with that realtor, but how can a wholesaler make a good deal for them as well?

Wholesalers provide no value to realtors if the wholesaler is seeking a deal from the MLS. The property is online and available for buyers to see.

If the wholesaler is marketing for off market deals, they can offer to refer the retail listing leads they receive to the agent. Those are of high value to a real estate agent. 

This is also why wholesalers should consider having their license. For every 1 wholesale deal, they'll likely pass on 20-30 retail listings. That could earn them more income. 

I have a good relationship with a realtor who I shoot all my retail leads to. He'll also get any listings for properties that I wholetail/flip. 

We routinely refer out leads that are non deals for us. Great way to build "equity" in relationships as well as just bless folks. 

Real estate is all about building relationships........

It depends on the realtor. Many realtors dont have a clue about what really goes on with the investing and business side of real estate. Many realtors prefer to stick with the retail side of things because well.....things are much eaiser that way. And thats fine. Everything is taught out the book. With the business and investment side of things you have to learn how those things work by experience and or shadowing a much more experience realtor.

What a realtor can do for a wholesaler:

  • provide accurate and solid sold comps
  • submit contracts on the MLS on wholesalers behalf
  • help them with access to properties(trust is needed for this)
  • Feed them leads if they dont have a buyer themselves and get compensated for it

What a wholesaler can give a realtor:

  • Give a lead to a realtor if they dont have a buyer or need help moving the house
  • If closing on a property and the wholesalers buyer is flipping the property the realtor can list the property as the selling real estate agent

I could name a few more but I choose not to lol. Its ways for many people to partner up to accomplish things within this industry. I can understand why many realtors dont like dealing with wholesalers. Many of them dont know what they are doing. On the flip side, from my experience neither does many realtors......

@Pratik P. Hi Pratik, I’m a new licensee and would like to buy retail leads from wholesalers or rehabbers who are marketing for off market deals. What does your realtor pay you for those leads? Thanks for any insight!