Wholesaling Call Answering Setup?

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Hi everyone, I'm just starting off in wholesaling, and also have a full time job. I'm planning on putting up bandit signs, driving for $$ and of course calling from lists. The problem is that from 8:00 to 5:00 I cannot freely and constantly answer my phone, so I'd like to know what are ways that you may have dealt with a similar situation. My top ideas are:

1) Hire a VA to handle the initial call, give me the info, and I'll do follow up later that same day.

2) Place a Craigslist Ad for someone locally to answer the phone, take down the info and shoot me a text/email. In general, I should be able to call them back within 1 hour of getting the message.

3) Let them go to voicemail and call them back.

If paying someone else to handle the calls in some way, what is a good rate to pay them?  Is it better to pay by the call, by the hour, of a flat amount?

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I do #3........i have a informative message on my voicemail. When i call back later, when im available, i always apologize and say i was doing a walk through or looking at another property lol @Nzinga Augusto

i personally wouldnt do #1 or #2 for a couple reasons, Lets say you get a call at 830 Am and the VA sends you the info......you cant call until after 5 anyway.......same thing your voicemail would do...........also, i would keep your costs low until youre getting consistent deals.......just my opinion.