How to get phone numbers for cold calling.

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Does anyone know of a good real estate attorney in the San Antonio TX area?

You are not going to get phone numbers from an attorney.

What kind of legal matter do you need handled? There are litigation attorneys, contract attorneys, etc.

I am learning how to use the forum.  I have two question.  The first was about The attorney, and the second is about cold calling.  I am start in San Antonio, and I am looking for an attorney to help me get started.

@Robert Mundras    a few things, look in the wholesale category, regardless if your game plan is to wholesale or not you will need to pull and work lists. So the question is do you want to be given a fish or taught to fish.  I suggest visiting the numerous podcasts and blogs written on this very topic and taking notes. Its not hard to pull a list, it does however take some consistent hard work to turn that list into a check. Hope that points you in the right direction. 

You should get Anson Young’s book “Finding and funding good deals”

@Robert Mundras

I have used Attorney Janet Drewry of the Law Office of Janet M. Drewry. She had done most of my entity formation, as well as reviewed contracts, and put together JV agreements, and loan docs. Forum rules won't let me post her contact info, so PM me if you want it. Otherwise she's easily googleable.

Thank you Seth,  

I found her online and will reach out to her.

I started as a real estate investor in 2000, and only after the crash went to law school and became an attorney. That is relevant because while I could teach you real estate investing, I doubt anyone would want to pay my hourly for that. You have local clubs like the Alamo REIA and others to get the grit. Attorneys are useful when you have a transaction or matter to on which to work.

Do a deal.  Get a taste for the business.  Then come see us to form an entity.

@Robert Mundras check out Max Maxwell on youtube....he is a rockstar wholsesaler here in NC, and he is not a guru selling a $5000 training course, he is the real deal and he gives a ton of information and content away for free.  I highly suggest watching ALL of his videos on youtube.  (I watch at 1.25 speed to save time)

Another great resource is the WholesalingInc podcast.  Full disclosure, they do have a training course that is something like $5000 to join, so the podcast can come off kind of pitchy sometimes, but if you're willing to put up with a bit of that, there is also a TON of really good, actionable information in those podcasts.  

On a side note, while I have not paid for that training, everyone I've seen here on BP who did join their program swears by it.  Personally, I think you can find all the info you need to get started here on BP, on youtube, on podcasts, and in books.  For any unanswered questions, go to a meetup and network and get up with someone who is actually doing it, and I'm sure they can fill in the blanks.  But if you have a bunch of money burning a whole in your pocket and you just want to hit the easy button, I think it probably would be worth it to join that training program.  But either way, check out their podcast.  

As for the attorney, save your money for now, and don't bother with that UNTIL you are literally about to pull the trigger and get started.  The reason I say wait, is that until you know EXACTLY what methods you are going to use for wholesaling, the attorney won't be of much use.  Also, you want to make sure you talk to people in your area who are wholesaling, and find an attorney who actually knows what he/she's talking about in the subject matter.  You would be surprised how many "real estate attorneys" don't really understand wholesaling.  

Good luck!

FYI, I hadn't seen @Jerel Ehlert 's post yet when I posted this, and my comments on attorneys was in no way a dig at him.  :)

Thank you David,

I just recently discovered Max Maxwell and have gotten a lot from him. I will get connected with Wholesalinginc's podcast.  I don't mind going through pitches, most of the sights I have found have them, and free is best for me right now.

I am moving from Austin to San Antonio at the end of the month, so I was waiting until I Got down the to get hook up with the REIA and meetups.

I will hold off on an attorney.  I am actively looking and just wanted to have someone advise me on what is the best contracts to use for wholesaling.  

Thanks again for the input.


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@Robert Mundras Yeah, you'll definitely want to run your contracts by an attorney to make sure they're good, I just meant that BEFORE you do that, you'll want to concentrate on getting education and instruction on how to actually DO wholesale deals.  Also, I'm not sure if TX is a title company or closing attorney state, but either way, you'll want to make sure they know how to do assignments, double closings, back-to-back closings, etc.  Again, not all title companies or attorneys know how to do this stuff.  The last thing you want is to have a deal fall apart at the last minute because the attorney or title company screwed something up.

Good luck with everything!


Hi hi Dave, yeah I was going to use the Texas real estate contract, but I had heard that it's better to use a shorter version. I'll just use that unless someone tells me otherwise. And I did some wholesaling when I lived in New Jersey so I know some of the ins and outs. Thanks for the advice. God bless.

@Rick Pozos I was just wanting to get a relationship set up with an attorney for when I start getting deals so I won't be looking for one if I need one, I will always ready have one in play.
@Robert Mundras consistency is key don’t forget that and may I suggest some sales training to read into and practice to get good at cold calling. That’s where it’s at. Cold calling and lists.

@Robert Mundras My recommended source for phone #s depends on what/who you plan on calling. If you want to pull numbers for everyone within a geographical area (or radius or whatever, drawn on a map), check out Cole Realty Resource. Landlines, cells, and emails will run you around $1200/yr I believe. One-off numbers based on name or address, use Spokeo, but setup an enterprise account for MUCH better bulk pricing.

@Robert Mundras sure do. . . . .

the obvious ones that every one says like

rich dad poor dad

think and grow rich

the richest man in Babylon

the millionaire real estate investor

sell or be sold

the ABCs of real estate investing 

that should start you off on a good foot.. . ..

@Robert Mundras   Wholesaling is a great way to get started as you don't need any money to acquire the property. I wished I've learned about it sooner, I just started doing it about a year ago. The books @Mike G. are on point I've read most of them on his list. In REI you don't have to own the asset you just have to control it (I think it was in Rich Dad Poor Dad) Happy Investing!!

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