Vacant Properties List

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Hello @Anthony Marable . Did you end up finding a source for vacant property info?

I'm looking for the same and have come across and Also, has a link to another affiliate that provides such info but requires a subscription. Have you tried any of those?

I honestly belief that investors should stop looking for specic catagoeries/situations of people to find houses to buy, and instead focus on motivation (regardless is their house is vacant, tax liened, foreclosure etc. etc.)

Do you really care that you get a vacant house deal, or do you care that you find a high profit deal regardless whether it is a vacant house or not?

See my point?

If you look towards motivation, you have access to ALL THE DEALS while if you focus on vacant, you barely have access to ANY deals. Why? Well because a vacant house doesn't mean the person owning that house wants to sell. Vacant houses are more often than not belonging to investors. I own a ton of vacant houses. Do I want to sell? HELL NO!!!

Not because the house is "vacant", "in foreclosure", or what ever, does it mean you have a higher chance they want to sell. That is completely wrong. It is an illusion. You are wasting time and money. Why do you think SOOO MANY people are struggling doing the exact same thing you are doing? If this was truly a system that "worked" plenty of you would be successful right?

I am willing to bet 99% of you will throw my advise in the wind, but for that select 1% that see the common sense and logic in my posts, you, my friends have a decent chance making it big!