Pulling Probate Leads!!!

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Hey BP Family,

I went down to my local probate office here in Spartanburg, SC for the first time this past Monday. Using their computer to look through records was a little confusing, but the nice ladies in the office were very happy to show me how to properly navigate their system and answer all of my questions. Which I asked a lot lol... I plan on going back tomorrow to just sift through info and continue to familiarize myself with their system. My question to you guys/gals is when pulling probate leads what criteria are you specifically looking for? Do you consider open probate cases a lead or even closed cases? If a closed case is a lead how far back do you look? 1-2 years? Also when I was there on Monday I was cross checking recent open probate cases with the Tax assessor site and sometimes the names did not match on who owned the property. I assumed that that particular individual was renting the property they were living in. Am I right to make that assumption or could it be something else? Thanks everyone ahead of time for your response, it is much appreciated!!!



For open probate cases the administration process has started and the PR has been appointed by the court.

The criteria that I'm looking for is if the decedent last resided at the property noted on the petition for probate.

(Last known address of decedent)

When I cross reference the APN and it does not match with the decedent's address I move on to the next file.

So, yes an open probate case(s) is a lead.