Investor-Friendly Title Companies in Chicago Area???

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I’m in the midst of my first wholesale deal and would like to approach a Title Company that would already know what I’m trying to accomplish.  Any suggestions on someone you have used?   Also, seller inherited the house, but it’s not in her name. She does have a will and is the only heir.



@Tracie Staine You need a real estate attorney. Title companies in Illinois work with the real estate attorneys to clear title and get deals closed. It also sounds like you have some legal work to clear up title and would need an attorney anyway.

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Originally posted by @Mark Faustrum:

@Tracie Staine - contact @Joe Mueller, he owns and started Investors Title Services, I have used them several times and they definitely save you money over a commercial title company.

Joe is an investor himself, plue he owns TANIS Group Realty, he is a stand up guy and always willing to help other investors however he can.

 Mark, does Joe work with only the Chi area or the entire state? Expanding into the Peoria Illinois area. Thanks!

@Sherri Stokes to be honest I am not positive, I know his offices are in the NW suburbs, I see you tagged him so hopefully he replies to your question. I know he doesn't seem to get on here as much as he used to so if you don't get an answer let me know and I will reach out to him and ask, we have become friends over the years.