Wholesaling Restored Properties

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A few questions:

Is there any instance where you are not assigning to a cash buyer? Are the buyers always cash buyers, even with more expensive/restored properties? In other words, can you assign a contract to Joe Schmo who is looking for his forever home, or do you only work with investors? 

I’m asking these questions because I recently attended a 3-day real estate investing class where they did not promote wholesaling distressed properties. I explained to them that my initial knowledge of wholesaling was that you look for distressed properties in particular. They advised against this. Why is that?

There is a strategy some people call "wholetailing" which is basically wholesale to retail buyers. In this process they typically do not do a double close, but buy the property, trash it out or do minimal work to get it listing ready, then list it with plenty of meat on the bones ARV wise.