Should I put my real phone number on bandit signs?

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@Fili Aguirre

GoDaddy has a great system. For $10/mo, you get a new number and an app on your smartphone for you to access that number (calls and texts).

I love this because you can keep your personal calls separate from your business calls.

 You all DO realize you are giving out advice how to do illegal stuff.

If your advise is how to escape police and law enforcement, something is inherently wrong here.

Don't do bandit signs and stop giving advise how to do bandit signs to not get caught.

Besides, do you see Nike do bandit signs? How about Elon Musk? Toyota? Ray-ban? How about Apple?

No? Credible and legitimate companies don't do that stuff. It makes you look small, desperate shady.

It is just not worth it.

There are a TON of other methods far superior getting you far more leads than a damn bandit sign.

And please stop using dialers. I get so friggin aggravated when I get these EFFIN STUPID CALLS  that start "Don't hang up.. cant afford your health insurance?" And what the hell is up with suddenly every friggin skip-trace company dialing my number 3 times/hour? If I had a phone gun to shoot someone through the phone OMG life would be great! Not that that would help anyways because there is NO ONE on the other end gaaadamnit

I can not WAIT till the government bans cold calling!!!!!!!!!

Good luck dudes!