Can I send voice mails instead of calling random people?

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Is it possible to send 1,000 voice mails and just get calls from people interested in selling their house?

@Fili Aguirre

If you are talking about using a service to leave the VM's then yes, but the people on your calling list need to have "opted in" to receive the calls.

@Fili Aguirre,

I’m just starting, and the phone kinda terrifies me. I’ve made a couple of calls so far, spoke to one person, and let’s just say the conversation was brief.

That said, don’t let fear get the best of you. The more you actually do, the more personal your interactions, and the more you step out of your comfort zone, the more likely you are to succeed.

Also, learn, learn, and learn. I spent $2500 on a course that literally propelled me ahead several months as compared to me trying to figure things out for myself.

@Barry Pekin it wasnt to avoid cold calling but yea I have some fear (english isnt even my real language) but, I have called over 20 people. But I wanted to do marketing so people that are interested would call me.

@Fili Aguirre Talking directly to sellers is part of the job, if you cant do that then you might as well quit now. Also most people dont listen to voicemails from numbers they dont know, I just hit delete. I wouldnt rely on RVMs to be the only source of leads.