Best services for Direct Mail and Skip Tracing

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Hi Everyone! Im somewhat new to real estate (sold a few home as a realtor) and have recently caught the wholesale bug. I have decided on how And where I am going to pull my marketing lists for A direct mail campaign and cold calling. I was wondering if anyone can provide recommendations for a fairly priced Direct Mail company to fulfill postcard production and a reliable skip trace service. I have done some research on both of these items and its proving tough to compare apples to apples. Again I am just starting out so any advice is extremely helpful.


You could try BatchSkipTracing. See if their offer is up to par. I know you already decided on services for list generation, but, you could consider ListSource. You could attend REIA meeitngs for networking and to learn more about your local market.

Good Luck

@Derek Stilwell The first step is the list. You should think about working with a list broker to pull targeted lists for your area. Be aware that in a competitive market like yours, the absentee owners are already getting a lot of offers so it is hard for you to stand out. Consider adding in some of the newer Motivated Owner Occupied lists. These include Owners with Low Financial Stability Scores (FSS) and Seniors with Long-Time Ownership.

The list broker will also be able to add phones and email to the list where available.

Once you have the list, there are quite a few mail houses that have choices of templated letters and post cards. Take a look at Go Big Printing

@May Emery much appreciated! In my past 3 weeks of really digging into wholesale, you are the first to mention FSS. Who do you mean by list broker? Is a list broker something different from Sorry if that is a dumb question...still making heads and tails of things.

@Derek Stilwell she means herself, she sells lists with FSS. That kind of thing is really common here on BP, where vendors suggest something they offer, but don't mention that they offer it since the later breaks BP rules. With that in mind...

Consider looking for a list provider that combines public records and demographics (like listsource) as well as phones and email, so that you don't have to skip trace your listsource results.