How do we use the MLS

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It's best to know what kind of deal you are looking for and start backwards. If you are looking for a single family home, fixer upper, under 100k, 3/2, then you can put these fields in the MLS of your choice.

@Edgar U. I want a single family home so can find a house for sell and then a buyer and use assignment contracts and assign the contract to the buyer so I can make a profit but I don't know how to go about that and do I have to become a real estate agent to use the MLS or just find a real estate agent or is that not allowed I'm just lost looking for information on the internet

YouTube and read books for this info. Flip Houses like Burgers is a good book. Also Wholesaling Bible by Thann Merrill. But man it’s a lot of YouTube’s and info in these forums. Get your search on.