Do real estate agents help wholesaler get deal

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Okay so I read that wholesalers at times use the help of real estate agents to find houses I just read this on the internet and I am trying to find ways to find deals (and still figuring it all out) and I would like to know how that goes like do I just call one or something

Knowledgeable agents will see wholesalers as a total waste of are you going to find a buyer for a higher price than the exposure on the mls to the whole market couldn't Find?

@Omar Bunch If it’s on the market for a year, that means it’s overpriced....a wholesaler would have less chance of selling a property than the mls will.....or are you thinking “since it’s been on the market a year, they’ll drop the price 30%...”, if so, they would have already done that.  BTW, as an agent I wouldn’t be involved with a property on the market for over a year.

It very well may be overpriced. I am simply asking because I have been seeing a property that is truly a fixer upper for over a year now. All I was thinking honestly, is that it could be a motivated seller now.

I don’t send my buyers to whole salers.  I have a few friends who are whole salers that I run comps for.  Every now and then they send me a deal that doesn’t work for them that I can make work.  That’s about as much as we help each other.  Otherwise, we just do our own thing.  

Look my loveble little Yoomanz

Sit your butts down, focus hush and listen to master Blyoda (Black Yoda)...

THis is how I doos this

Hey agent looksie here.

THen I slap them with this:

and this

and then about 14 more of these"

THen I say this:

Yo mami (because all real estate agents are female) I get 18 gazilbilion leads a day. Now this is how it is going to work. You do all my ARV's, all my walktroughs with me, and I will go no more than 4% on the commission, and I will list all my properties with you.

And if a seller does not want to sell under market value, I will hand them your card.

now pay attention

100% of the time they say:

and I shall quote as it is always the exact same sentence"

"Holy monkey gods you are frEEKIN handsome, gorgeous, omg yummy"

They also often say this: "PUHHHlease let me work with you"

The end.

Here is the lesson... act as if you need them and no one will be excited to work with you. Now, show them you are doing a favor (which obviously I am, come on have you seen my pecks?) and what agent in the right mind will say no?!

Obviously they have a lot to gain being in my humble presence (my leads).

and they will work with you (well when I say "you" I do mean "me")

So step up, provide value, Show them you are not to be reckoned with, you are the shark in the pond of lil shrimp. Don't just Act the part, be the part!

Yours truly:

Told you .. handsome!