Building my first list; Willimantic CT

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Started with tax liens, since the list is readily attainable before and after work.   Once I have finished I'm going to pull each property for date sold.  (I haven't decided whether I want to keep the ones that are under 10 years owned and revisit. ) 

There are a couple other search options I am thinking of using as well; whether or not I keep building the list will really be based on how many pass the equity test.  

@Howard Todd @Craig Hansen

Hey guys, I’m super new to the idea of real estate investing, and I would say I’m currently in a voracious education phase (ie. reading a lot of books, listening to podcasts, webinars)

My mother-in-law lives in Willimantic and the area has always intrigued me and seems ideal for student rentals.

Wanting to reach out to you both just to say hey, and also wondering to get your opinions on the Willimantic area market from people like yourselves who have boots to ground so to speak.

Regarding the market, the need for student rentals seems stable because of Eastern and UConn. Including this, what are other factors that make Willimantic a great place to invest? Is there any anticipated growth of industries? Any new developments being built? Other factors?

Thanks in advance and I’m exciting to meet you both on BP.

Hi all, I live in the Hebron area and I'm looking for a local network as I start my RE journey.  My goal is to acquire my first buy and hold rental property.  Willimantic has also interested me and from what I understand there are some decent developments in the planning phase with government grants or something like that.  Student housing is the first thing that comes to mind since Eastern is right down town.