First Time Starting Out

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I’ve been studying and learning about different types of Real Estate Investing but i didn’t know where to start taking action. A good friend of mine, who’s ahead of me a bit, & i developed a script & got a list of leads that we have called a few owners but what are some of the first things we should to get our careers in Real Estate Investing & Wholesaling on the right track? Should we go get bandit signs? Should we go to our courthouse and get homeowners in probate & foreclosure?

What should we do to get the ball rolling? Please any positive help & mentor ship is appreciate

1) Well it is hard to "second time STARTING out"

Get it? Huh? Huh? I made a funny! sorry.. its a oxymoron kind of a joke. Not sure what that word means but it has "moron" in it. I love that word!


moving on...

2) to provide some value..

here is what most beginners and pretty much all seasoned investors do wrong.

They don't think. That brain of theirs is worth a lot of money because it is brand new, never used.

You are dealing with Yoomanz, yup yoomanz just like you! There is no magic trick, no glow in the dark worm that makes the bass like zombies trying to snatch it.

You approach sellers like you would an acquaintance, talking to them like you would ask someone of the street for the time.

Hey I am Monkey and I flip monkey houses. I am eagerly looking for houses to flip and if we could come to a fair cash price I would love to buy it from you, Ohh no no you smelly lil thing you, you do not need to pay any closing costs or make repairs.

I have the cash which I begged my sexy GF for, to buy your house right now!

So lets spit out some loogies and shake on it, yes? No?

aww come on you know you want me. Look at my pecks dancing to the beat. You know you want to poke them, well go on, I will let you if you sign your soul over to me I mean the contract.

There. Thank you, see you at closing



An other big mistake pretty much everyone is doing..

is again they do not think!

Everyone goes out trying to find the magic line, that pink pill of wonders.

NO dude.

You cant just go out there and expect to make deals no matter how much marketing you send out. Are you even CREDIBLE? Do you have a website? A polo with you logo on it? A fancy "LLC" after your name?

A phone number, 3zillion reviews? No?

Well bubbles... if you were competing against me.. you would never ever win.

You would be going up against a scientist, NASA robotics ninja with publications (= CREDIBILITY), a #-1 ranking website  flipped 25937567 houses a month with pictures of progress to show for it.

What do you have?

Nothing? Well you think anyone would choose you over me?

Of course not. I am deliciously monkeylike!

Monkey power!