How do you select the best neighborhoods to drive for dollars.

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New wholesaler here and my question is how does one select the neighborhood to drive in when driving for dollars.  I often find that many neighborhoods are either too nice and don't have any distressed proprieties or are all distressed like areas of the city with row homes that all look the same.

@Michel Lautensack keep driving.. I have found even really rich neighborhoods have distressed homes. They are not as distressed, look for stuff like single pane windows, older style of trees - there are several shrubs that were extremely popular in the 80s and are not popular now.. look for wheelchair ramps. Versus a war zone would been totally boarded up - to keep out squatters etc.

I am not an expert here, but I would pick neighborhoods that are not warzone, that are quite decent, manicured lawns, people are friendly, kids playing on the streets.

See it is not about really where the deals are this time (I am a huge advocate on "go where the deals are"). You need to be able to sign away the contract after you sign it.

If a flipper you want a single family house in a decent neighborhood as I just mentioned.

If you are dealing with a buy and hold back end buyer you have more opportunity. A not so great neighborhood could still be attractive for a 3 unit multi to rent out, even if section 8!

The best thing you can do really is get in touch with real investors (investors that actually invest regularly) and then you put them in groups.

Which of them have purchased single families, and in what towns and for how much.

The second group are the investors that purchased multi families, again in which towns and for how much.

If a single investor buys in both groups, buy him a Shirley temple, rub his back and call him every night to tell him "I love you and I miss you good night butterbutt".

So based on the neighborhoods that are most purchased inm there is where you want to get contracts signed, and thus there is where you want to .. (dude GET IT RIGHT MAN.. sheesh.. its DANCING 4 DOLLARS) D4D.

Now, pay attention now.

As a master at lead generation, marketing and conversion I will humbly advise to look into SEO.

We get a ton of leads for free without spending any money or leaving the comfort of my chair. SEO CAN be expensive absolutely, but not if you do it yourself. If I can do it, who knows.. you could too...

Just check it out before going all in, in such inferior lead gen tactics. You will really thank me going the SEO route!

@Jerryll Noorden can you give some advice on how to find leads using SEO? I’m new to BP and looking to become a wholesaler in West Ga(Dallas, Douglasville, Hiram, Temple, Villa Rica and etc.). Any advice will help. Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by @Ann Clark :

@Jerryll Noorden can you give some advice on how to find leads using SEO? I’m new to BP and looking to become a wholesaler in West Ga(Dallas, Douglasville, Hiram, Temple, Villa Rica and etc.). Any advice will help. Thanks in advance!

 hi hi


OPS (Other People's SEO) = Follow what Google Tells you to do.

J SEO (Jerryll's SEO) = To hell with Google. Google can kiss my monkey (yet beautifully sculpted) butt!

SEO rule of thumb. Forget Google.

Do not please Google, and here is why.

Googles only job is.... provide the best website to a specific entered search phrase. That's ALL!

Lets take that one step deeper than that. Google only thus cares to make surfers happy. To rank sites high that will make surfers happy.

How does Google determine which website makes a surfer happy? Google is not human , it is an algorithm. It can not visit a website and determine using emotions and logic and user intent to see which website is good.

So it uses a mathematical scoring formula that will score certain metric and then at the end, it adds up all these metrics to assign a score to a website for a specific key phrase.

Let me give you an example.

Back in the day when we didn't have all the fancy technology in cars, you needed to go 20 MPH to take a bend in the road because of the limited suspension technology etc. etc. So it became a traffic rule. People just obeyed as it was a rule. Then technology improved over the years and you could easily and safely make that turn going faster... yet that 20 mph rule remained. People blindly obeyed that rule completely forgetting why that sign was put there for in the first place.

Same with SEO...

The POINT is to provide a user with a great internet experience. How does google know your site does that?

Well Google determined that if you have backlinks, meaning someone else likes your site SO much they put a link on their site to yours. That, Google says, MUST mean that site is great. SO that became a Google rule. Backlinks back links backlinks. So then time goes by, and no one knows why the backlink rule even came to be, all we know is, hey backlinks will get you ranked higher. So now we start to buy backlinks, exchange backlinks create fake backlinks just to "please" Googles demand for backlinks.

So now... are you REALLY providing value to the user? Nope, you are focusing on pleasing Google.

So ... Shady SEO is born.. let me rephrase this.. techniques to manipulate google into thinking a certain website is the best match to a keyword is the focus of many a SEO company...

So to answer your question with an other question...

How DO you use SEO to generate leads.

Well SEO does NOT generate leads. SEO generates traffic, and that is all! 

CREDIBILITY is what generates leads.... well actually that is a bit wrong too.

My formula is  

LEADS= SEO (and substitute anything that drives traffic to your site here) + CREDIBILITY



So then according to this smexshie formula... Credibility does NOT generate leads either..

So more accurately put, Credibility turns TRAFFIC, into LEADS

So One without the other does nothing! You need to have both.

So now back to the story my little Yooman...

To rank high I couldn't care less about Google. In fact Google sucks up to me BECAUSE of this.

See it this way. Google WANTS websites that provide value to users. Well what do I do? I do just and ONLY that. Provide value to users... genuinely.  SO why would I care what Google thinks? Google is like a wholesaler, the middle man between me and a seller. Bypass google and you have direct access to the seller, and Google rewards me for it by ranking me #1 period!

A bonus.. which is actually THE reason for doing all this... providing actual value... focusing on providing value is exactly WHAT  a user needs to fill in my forms. And Poom.

All that is left to do is apply this credibility in a way that google can see and notice what you are doing, and you become a GOD in SEO.

So now my little Yooman, I am immortal, looking down on alll the lil SEO companies that think they cracked the code, while they don't even have a clue how to begin spelling S E O.

Here is the thing.. anyone that is a self proclaimed marketer will tell you they know SEO right? well.. ask them...

Will Google ACTUALLY suggest their mom given birth name when people search for ways to sell their house?

No? well awww, I guess you are not hat SEO savvy as you thought huh!

Am I saying this to brag? well of course... ..  well no, not really...

I am saying this to make a point. People will give SEO companies rave reviews when they do mediocre SEO, because most people have no idea what how and why SEO really is and they THINK these companies know anything. I have spoken to a famous SEO company for REI just out of curiosity. They claim to be the ONLY ones to be Google approved.. (I just had to snicker.. I asked them.. what does that even mean? "ohh that meas we a certificate from google"..

OK.. so what DOES that mean? What and how does that make you different, better that anyone else?

(because Google is VERY big on not sharing any secretes, so what could that certificate possibly do). And the fact that they brag about having a Google certificate is a... BAD thing. Why?

WHat have we just learned children?? 

We learned to ... FORGET GOOGLE!!

They talked to me trying very hard to thow really fancy SEO words at me, .. Ohh we will monitor your SERPs and retarget butterflies yellow  fascinating algooorithm Gaussian equation dogs and cats" to impress and confuse you thinking they know what they are doing. WELL... they were barking up the wrong tree. I quickly showed him not to try that with me.


Getting leads is NOT about SEO. Traffic is. Leads you get by driving traffic to your site while your sites credibility turns said traffic into leads.

Then your finesse, and charm and determination turns these leads into deals.

So now... that you know all this background. 

The LAST THING I want you to do is thinking "Ohh SEO is the way to go, I will hire a SEO company to do SEO for me"...

Take it from an SEO expert, BIG MISTAKE.

My SEO efforts have AMAZING results because I do it MYSELF!!!! It is not because I "do SEO" 

It is because I do it MYSELF! THAT is the secret!

Everyone WILL tell you they are the master at SEO. So who will you believe? Yourself. DO what I did. Understand SEO, understand the logic behind it. Understand Google, Understand how Google works, then develop your own SEO strategies... that no one has.

Put character into your website, but your persona. All other sites are generic crap, I put my personality into it, my humor, my goofiness, and it does wonders!

THAT is how you use SEO to get leads! Its both an Art and a Science!

Originally posted by @Ann Clark :

@Jerryll Noorden thank you for the information. Geessh so basically SEO is a whole other course of learning! Let me learn what I need to know about wholesaling first and then I’ll need your SEO training.

 If you want to be the best at anything, that is what it takes. No matter what it is. You need to be better than the rest. You won't ever be better than anyone if you do the same thing everyone is doing.