Newbie in wholesaling spokane wa

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Hello, my naei nichole and I am just starting out the whole real estate wholesaling venture... What got me interested in trying this out was a seminar that I had recently went to aboutflipping houses. Well that was so interesting to me that I went home and started researching everything under the moon about flipping houses and wholesaling... Because I to want financial freedom and I too want be a successful investor... So I guess if there is anyone out there that has any tips for me in reaguards to wholesaling/ in the spokane,WA and surrounding areas so that I maybe successful I am so eager and willing to listen and learn. Thank you.

Hi @Nichole Freeland , welcome to Bigger Pockets! Those seminars are great for getting people interested in real estate :) The most discerning folks tend to get online and research, and find BP - and here you are.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be found here... and great connections to be made. There are two wonderful local REI meetups to attend - one in Spokane and one in Coeur d'Alene... message me for more info. I'm also happy to grab coffee and chat real estate sometime if you're interested.

Best of luck on your journey!

Hi David, i would love to get more info on the REI mettings that would be wonderful. I would like to chat over coffee sometime here real soon. I have lots of questions still. Lol.. I will be in touch to set a time to do that. I appreciate you reaching out to welcome me to BP.