Questions On Code Violation Leads

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Hey everyone,

I have some questions regarding code violation leads.

1. How do you determine properties with what code violations are the best to market? Which ones are pointless to reach and the homeowners are unlikely to be motivated?

2. Where do you find those records? Are there ways to get them not going to the city/county?  

3. Once you get the list, how do you systematize all its information? What criteria is important to filter by? How long does it take to sort the records? 

Thank you much in advance.

Hey Maria!

1. I think that's going to be trial and error for your area, just do some mailings or cold calling and see which produce the best for you.

2.  In my area you need to go to the city/county.  Establish relationships with code enforcement officers and if they see you are serious they will give you leads, they want us investors to clean up the city! I've also found code enforcement meeting agendas on some cities websites and they list the houses they will be discussing at that meeting, so you will have an address to mail to.

3.  All you want from the list is owner's name, property address and mailing address.  Excel sorts it in seconds.