Getting started in real estate

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Hello BP!

I am a Newbie to Real Estate. I don’t not own any properties as of yet. I started trying to wholesale last year but I was Unsuccessful. I had a few properties under Contract but they did not work out. Now I am studying for my realtor license. I am Interested in every aspect of real estate. I want to buy and hold, flip, sale And eventually work my way up to commercial real estate and multi units Buildings. But I feel lost and Overwhelm. I don’t know where to start!! I have been taking advice from others and have learned that you really can’t listen to everyone. BP family if anyone has Any suggestions on what I should do please let me know thank you for your time

Start at the beginning.  You want to learn everything about every aspect of real estate.  However, at this point.  You need to focus.  Evaluate your needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses.  When you decide on your strategy tune out everything else.  There will be many bright shiny objects.  Stay the course, make some money and then evaluate your situation again in 1 year.

@Lisa Leary If you really want to start as an agent, focus on getting your real estate license. That will allow you to get a background knowledge of the real estate laws and customs in your area. Start interviewing brokers that you are considering to hold your license to see who you feel more comfortable. And be sure to note who will be patient with you and give you the training needed to get you real estate career starting on solid footing.

Getting a license is not necessary to be active in real estate. You know where to find deals and get properties under contract. Network and build up a buyer's list. Make sure you send them what they are looking for. I had a buyer that wanted apartment complexes and I sent him a fix and flip deal. He sent a return email stating "do not send him anything more than what he asked for". 

Good luck with your Real Estate Career!!

@Ron Collins

Thank you so much for your advice!! I am focusing on getting my license right now and I’m still trying to raise read a few books about Real Estate. I’m just going to focus on one thing right and that is getting my license!! Thank you again!!