Looking into setting up my team

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I’m new to the whole of real estate investing and was wondering if anyone can point me to a good real estate attorney, closing agent, and a real estate agent. I live in hemet ca or southern California so anyone who’s in that area

I would suggest exploring the networking tab here on BP.  Chances are if they are on BP thats a good start.  However...  Do you due diligence before choosing and one professional.  Best of luck!

@Chris Franco

California does not use attorneys for closing as most other states do.  Realtors and escrow generally handle that in CA.  As for the attorney, what kind of real estate attorney?  Real estate crosses over with several different areas of the law including landlord/tenant law, evictions, contracts, estate planning, tax planning, etc.  Someone who practices evictions may not be a tax expert, for instance.  In what area are you looking to start real estate?  Locally or elsewhere?

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Thanks for the response, as to why I’m looking for an attorney I plan on wholesaling property’s and have some contracts that need looked over just to be sure they apply in California.