Wholesaling questions!! Please would really appreciate the help!

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I was wanting to have somebody look at my contracts and make sure I have them right or where am I suppose to write down and what I have to fill in? Please any help will do! I’m very green but I’m determined to learn!

@Jonathan Toruno ,

I really recommend getting a lawyer and having him go over your contracts.  I took a class and got some great contracts as part of it.  He's been using the contracts for years, constantly tweaking them to address new situations that come up.  Even still, he strongly recommends having your own attorney review them.  He does this partially because he's not a lawyer and he's probably covering his butt, but I also think it's good in case something comes up and your lawyer is already on board with what you have - and of course, he has an opportunity to point out something that's missing.

Yeah, it costs some money, but it's well spent.

@Jonathan Toruno If you’re in a title company state . Contact them and ask if you can email your contracts over to them to check out. I’ve done this myself before starting and they told me that I was good to go. If need a attorney in your state, simply have one look over your contracts for you.