Wholesaling in Spokane Wa

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Hi again everyone!  I feel really stupid for asking all these questions I keep posting and asking about. Its just me wanting to get this wholesaling business off the ground and I don't have anyone on my side to ask these questions to and so far Bigger Pockets has been my best friend this past week.  I think I need a mentor or someone that doesn't mind me bugging them all the time or at least someone to have on my side... Because all I have is my friends and family and they just laugh at me and say "Oh ok,  well good luck with that" and laugh and walk away. But anyway I have a couple more questions regaurding getting started in wholesaling and they are; Do I need to apply for a business license in the state of washington to wholesale properties? And my other question is, if I don't need a business liscence then when I send out my direct mailers do I put my name on them because wall the examples that I have looked at all have the name of a business on them??  Please help me.  I'm so lost on this sort of thing and I am really motivated at getting started on this venture but I'm all alone and need some guidance. 

Thank you, 

Nichole Freeland

@Nichole Freeland You should definitely find out about the laws of unlicensed wholesaling in your state. These laws vary from state to state, so I am not sure about Washington. If you are looking for a mentor you could try posting in the marketplace here on BiggerPockets. Attend REIA meetings for great networking and learning opportunities. As long as you are actually serious about getting started in RE you will find help at these meetings.

Good Luck!  

Thank you @Ehsan Rishat for your reply!! I will go check out the market place as soon as i am finished with this post. Also Im not sure where the REI meetings are held here in Spokane, but I am adding that to my daily to do list for today. Thanks again for your help!!

Nichole Freeland