Newbie Wholsaler in Minnesota

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Hello! I’m Lisa. I’m very new to wholesaling. Currently, I’m in the very first steps - education, reading, podcasts.. all that good stuff! I just became a member of MNREIA. I’m looking to chat with investors, agents, wholesalers who would be interested in connecting.

Welcome to the fun! I've got some friends up in that area (and considered moving there myself. AZ is too damn hot). Any idea what kind of properties you're interested in yet?

As good a place to start as any! I got my first SFR just last year and it's been a blast. Best of luck up there :) Wish I could be of more practical help, but my friends there are completely outside the realm of real estate unfortunately haha. Sending positive vibes your way though!

@Lisa Harris Welcome to the forums.  I try to stay on the Saint Paul side for investing.  If you happen to venture over to the dark side of the Twin Cities, please let me know.  I'd love to take a look at any deal you might be able to secure on the Saint Paul side (ideally west Saint Paul).  Good luck!

@Lisa Harris Welcome! I am just getting my investing journey started. I have one property in Saint Paul and one in Kansas City, MO. I'd love to connect with as I've been checking out the MPLS market as well as I look for my next deal. Also, I don't know what I want to be when I grow up - so I always appreciate connecting and learning what others are up to. Hit me up if you'd like to chat!

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Welcome to Minnesota property investment community!  I'm an investor focused on the Saint Paul (Grand Ave area) and Highland Park.  Currently, own and hold 6 properties.  (5 duplexes 1 Triplex)  I'm always keeping an eye out for another awesome property.   

Welcome to the fun world of wholesaling! I am also a wholesaler, I focus primarily on Dakota and Goodhue counties. I am also a member of MNREIA and usually hit the monthly meetings, their Wholesaling 101 class is a great primer with some great info and is free to members.

I look forward to seeing you at a meeting, feel free to reach out.


@Budd Sieger


My real estate agent just brought me a deal last week. He is not personally listing it as he is concerned about his image, it's kind of a mess. 

I was going to entertain a fix and flip with it, but I am living in Florida and after viewing the property, it is more than I want to even try to manage remotely. 

It is a single family home located near the Excel Center in St. Paul. Let me know if you're interested, would love to give you more info. The owners are looking into cash offers right now. 

Hello Joshua,  My focus is on duplex properties and larger.  I'm looking at my first apartment building this week 19 unit.  (But definitely my sweet spot are duplexes and triplexes)   Thanks for reaching out to me!  

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