Hey BP,

I’m about ready to hop into the wholesaling game in Houston, Texas. I’ve been doing my research, crunching practice numbers, and learning the market. However one aspect of the wholesale process I still am curious about are the contracts. Are there 2 separate contracts (one between the property owner and the wholesaler & one between the wholesaler and the buyer) or do all 3 parties utilize the same contract. Does this contract have to be drafted specifically for me or is there a general contract that will suffice. Will it have to be Texas specific? Other videos/forums I have read explain that “you can get one from a lawyer” however that seems to introduce an entirely new process with entirely new questions...”Does that cost anything?”, “How can I find a lawyer?” Etc. Any answers to these questions or additional information is greatly appreciated, and I plan on interacting with the comments to confirm that there’s an understanding. Thanks BP, feed me knowledge!