How to start wholesaling

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How can someone from Canada start wholesaling houses in the USA. I have a few family members there who are interested to start wholesaling ?

I can teach them how to wholesale but need to know what would be some of the legal requirements for them since they are Canadians.

First of all, you must be clear on the laws associated with unlicensed wholesaling in your target states. Laws on this subject vary between states. Once that is out of the way you need to set up marketing campaigns and your family members can try to find out ways to network with the locals. The best option is to attend local REIA meetings. These meetings can be very informative about the local market and have many investors attending them.

Next, you will have to search for leads to market to. You can pull up lists from sites like Listsource or have your family members drive around your target area and make note of distressed properties that can be potential deals. As for marketing campaigns you can choose from direct mail. cold calling, RVM, Text messaging, facebook and google ads etc. Be consistent with your marketing efforts and you will get deals soon enough. If you find good deals, the investment will not be difficult to obtain.

Good Luck!