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I am currently branching out from wholesaling in Buffalo,Ny down to the Hampton Roads, Virginia area and am wondering what are the few things I should look for in getting started since I am out of state. I have an Attorney and a partners in the area that have started deploying bandit signs in a few areas and are looking for motivated sellers.

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virginia - outdoor signs ordannece

§ 33.2-1224. Signs or advertising on rocks, poles, etc; civil penalty.

Any person who in any manner (i) paints, prints, places, puts or affixes any sign or advertisement upon or to any rock, stone, tree, fence, stump, pole, mile-board, milestone, danger-sign, guide-sign, guidepost, highway sign, historical marker, building, or other object lawfully within the limits of any highway or (ii) erects, paints, prints, places, puts, or affixes any sign or advertisement within the limits of any highway shall be assessed a civil penalty of $100. Each occurrence shall be subject to a separate penalty. All civil penalties collected under this section shall be paid into the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund. Signs or advertisements placed within the limits of the highway are hereby declared a public and private nuisance and may be forthwith removed, obliterated, or abated by the Commissioner of Highways or his representatives without notice. The Commissioner of Highways may collect the cost of such removal, obliteration, or abatement from the person erecting, painting, printing, placing, putting, affixing or using such sign or advertisement. When no one is observed erecting, painting, printing, placing, putting, or affixing such sign or advertisement, the person, firm or corporation being advertised shall be presumed to have placed the sign or advertisement and shall be punished accordingly. Such presumption, however, shall be rebuttable by competent evidence. In addition, the Commissioner or his representative may seek to enjoin any recurring violator of this section. The Commissioner of Highways may enter into agreements with any local governing body authorizing local law-enforcement agencies or other local governmental entities to act as agents of the Commissioner for the purpose of (i) enforcing the provisions of this section and (ii) collecting the penalties and costs provided for in this section. Any such agreement may provide that penalties and costs collected pursuant to such agreement shall be paid as agreed.

Maryland also is starting to crack down of repeat violators . I know of one wholesaler with "We pay cash for houses" signs, that was fined over $37,000 over the course of 3 months.

... and yes, states and counties have gotten very good at tracking you down from phone numbers, email addresses and even going as far a pretending to be a home seller to meet with you to hand deliver a fine for illegal signs.

Make sure you pick up each and every sign. 

Because on the weekend, the city is closed. They open back up for business on Monday morning. If your sign is still there when they return to work on Monday, you will be fined. So, the safe zone it Friday after 5pm till Sunday whatever time you choose.

@Zachary Wright

Because it's the law. 

Who wants to see a ever growing pile of staked out signs along the roads ? I assume the average citizen at some point got tired of hundreds of signs left out 24/7 by zombie wholesalers and complained to their county representatives about it. And bingo, they passed restrictive laws that gave their constituents a sign free driving experience 4 days a week.

The fact that you were not aware of State/local ordinances regarding sign restrictions, says that you were not planing on picking them up. So (and no offence) the laws were passed to prevent what you are doing. You have to be cognizant of the laws that affect your industry.

Even that’s not always true.  I’ve had the sign nazis take my signs down and ticket me with both civil and criminal charges on a a Saturday.  Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Personally I don’t use bandit signs for real estate.  I also have a retail business and had signs for a promo we were having on the sign poles in our shopping center.  They were pushed up pretty high with a push broom and the city works in their suits claimed up on ladders and took them right down. In my market, ever city, it is a class one misdemeanor, which carry’s a fine of up to $25,000 and a year in jail.

Dude, don't do bandit signs. They are shady, sloppy, eye pollution, and they make you look like a scammer or amateur. Do you see Nike/BMW/Levi's/Apple putting up bandit signs? No! Always look what successful people are doing and more importantly what they are NOT doing.. and then... no.. do not copy... but extract the characteristics, commonalities, of their behavior, and derive that equation/formula for success.

I do this always. You know what the formula is that I have noticed? 

Act the part even if you are not yet the part.  run your business as if you are the best business out there, as if you are successful absolutely not hungry for deals, not desperate at all, as if you are doing your costumers a favor allowing them to entertain you.

Bandit signs make you look desperate and hungry.starving for leads. You do not want that image!!

There are far better ways to get leads while building a solid reputation in the process.

Reach out if you want to know my secret to success in lead generation!

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