Finally jumped in!!!

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Hello BP!

I’ve finally jumped into wholesaling after extensively educating myself. Im sure this isn’t much for most but It’s the first step for me. I’ve spent around 4 or 5 hours DFD and have targeted and sent out direct mail to 40 distressed properties. I’ve learned so much about these properties that has confirmed my “what to look fors” after using apps like LandGlide and deal machine about these distressed properties I’ve targeted, ie. Divorce/ quit claim deeds, tax levy’s and just flat out abandonment. Im planning on going down to the county office and pulling records of water shut offs, divorces and pre foreclosures the last 6 months this week and really start sending out a ton more direct mail as I know that it takes a ton more direct mail before that first deal comes in. Just thought I’d let everyone know I jumped off the sidelines and got in the game!

If anyone has any comments or advice I’m all ears! Thanks guys and gals!!

Happy investing!

Hi Manuel!

Congratulations!!! It sounds like you did your homework and are well on your way. I wish you the best on your first deal and greater success as you build your business!

All the best!!!

@Linda Lovely oh yeah most certainly and I embrace all of that especially the grind and really that's the fun part In RE investing. Growing and learning. I've connected with investors and other wholesalers at REI meetups and hear/see where wholesalers go wrong and give the word wholesaling a bad name. I've got a great game-plan and strategy as to separating myself from the rest and really it revolves around accuracy/delivery in which I've also got systems set up for that!

Thank you for your reply!!

@Linda Lovely correct. Which is why I followed up with me going down to the county to pull more lists. I’m pretty sure it’s not realistic for one person to send out 4K plus direct mail in 4-5 hours while driving for dollars as your not just sending mail out to every house, your looking for distressed signals.

Not sure why it seems like you’ve got some animosity toward my post lol but clearly I said I finally jumped in. I didn’t say “I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to in real estate”. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. 👍🏽

Try your best to keep up your consistency. As long as you can maintain this drive you are sure to find success in no time. Also, you could consider using Listsource to pull up leads to mail to. 

Good Luck!