New to RE. Seeking advisors, mentors and guidance!

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I am a 24 year old male who lives in Clarksville, TN. I would like some guidance on how to get into real estate. I do not have my real estate license but I will start the process in August. I’d like some individuals who maybe have their license and some who don’t. Can I make money without a license? Do I cap myself if I do not get my RE license? I believe in surrounding myself with people who are pursuing or have accomplished what I am trying to. Please help!

Welcome to real estate investing.  To answer your questions:

Can you make money without a license.  Certainly, although there are  benefits to having a license.

No, I don't think that you would automatically cap yourself without a license.  Keep in mind that some states are cracking down on 'wholesalers' without a license.

I live and invest in Clarksville. Welcome to the REI journey. I'd start by networking like crazy. Join the private FB group Clarksville Real Estate Investors Group (CREIG). Go to any REI meetings you can find. And read a lot. Good luck along the way!

You don't need a license if you are wanting to invest in Real Estate. If you are wanting to get into investing but don't want to be a Realtor, there is no point in getting a license since you will have fees and CE requirements to keep your license active. But if you are wanting to be a Realtor, then, by all means, take the classes and test.