Calling Wholesaler/Flipper with a Property

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Hello All,

I received a postcard today from a “we buy homes for cash” company. Has anyone ever followed up with one of these postcards with a potential property?

Every day driving home from work I pass a small house that needs work with a very plain FSBO sign stuck on their front lawn that's been there for months now, nothing posted on Zillow.

Is there a strategy I can use to put these two people in contact? Would I call the seller first and see what he is looking for? Do I have to get this under contract first? Wholesaling was never my goal, but is it possible a finders fee could be made?


If you want to wholesale the properties yourself, get started with some education/training.
Wholesalers will also enter into "Bird Dog" contracts with just about anyone.  The gist of this is that you send them all the leads you can find.  You don't do any of the analysis; you just send whatever information you have along.  If the wholesaler makes a deal, you get a fee.  It's not a percentage; it's usually a flat fee.

Thanks for the response @Barry Pekin .  I wouldn't say my goal is to get involved with wholesaling.  Just saw a possible opportunity and didn't know there was a term for it, "bird dog".  I will look into this concept.