Finding the owner of the property

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After documenting the address, how to find the owner of the property? I know how to do everything else like getting property under contract, just don’t know how to get in touch with owner. I went to the county accessors office and got the owners name. I just don’t know how to get their number to get in contact with them seems to be my only problem right now. Please help!

Hey @Robert Jackson !

I'll share with you our process, though so far it's hit or miss whether we've been able to track down their phone number. 

Most counties have a portion of their website dedicated to property information. You can look up pretty much any street address and find the owners name, where they currently reside, tax information, info about the house, etc. It sounds like you already did that by going to the county office but for future homes it may be helpful to see if your county has that information available on their website. 

To go a step further and find the person's phone number I've had some success using the White Pages. You just type in the person's name and location and it generates a list of people with that information. Usually their street address is included and you can confirm whether it's the right Bob Smith (for example) that you're looking for. If that doesn't work, doing a Google search on the person or trying to look them up in a physical phone book may bring some results.  

That's the best method we've found so far. It'll take some legwork to find all the info you need but if you're persistent I'm sure you'll be able to find it!

Hope this helps - good luck!