How long to close first deal

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Hey everyone. how long did it take you guys to close on your first deal? I’d love to hear some stories. Did you guys do it in your goal time? How competitive was your market?

I decided to move to a nearby market that had more deals than where I originally lived. Moved into a duplex to house hack a year ago, learned a ton on the first deal (which took about 2 months from beginning the search to closing) and then rehabbed it myself (which took 7 months and way more money than anticipated). In 2019 I set a goal to acquire 4 more units, which I'm on track to exceed.

Changing that market to a favorable one was a game-changer for me.

Hey @Matt Hatton 3 weeks.  I spent 80% of my time marketing and 20% of my time learning the five skills needed to be a Pro at Wholesaling.  They are Marketing; Estimating Rehab Cost; Contracting; Appraisals; and Negotiation.  Be obsessed or be average.  Good luck.  

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I started in 2016 jan.

I cam to BP and asked a trillion questions. Most people found me annoying... now.. ALL people find me annoying!

But ask me if I care.

no no ASK ME dammnit.

Nope I do not!

So then I started listening to a lot of advise against my better judgement, and I wasted 3 months of my time. Then I started doing things my way, using my own logic and strategies, and landed my first wholesale paycheck of $14K 3 months after I did things my way!

Yay me.

moral of the story..

believe in your own logic! Don't blindly follow others

Good luck my sweet lil mortals!

And good night. I am sleeeeepy!

Two months of Door Hangers during lunch break at work three years ago. Sellers were tired landlords and gave me three of their properties. I was a total noob and they knew it since they were seasoned investors. They gave me some helpful advice. Now I have scaled to DM ,Door Hangers, SEO, and referrals from realtors. I was able to leave Army and now I get a few deals a month now.