Investor Friendly Title Companies in KC Area

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Good afternoon to all and I hope everyone that reads this is having a great and productive day so far. I’m new to the Kansas City Area and looking to begin my real estate investing career as a wholesaler, eventually branching out to other more complex strategies once I have my foot in the game. I’m looking to reverse engineer my operation as I believe is the smartest way to building a successful business model in this realm. My question is what is the most investor-friendly title company in the area that you’ve found the most success with doing business with? Any and all comments are welcome and thank you in advance.

Accurate Title has been the go to title company for many members of MAREI since 2004.  They can take care of all your needs.

@James Pinkney III where in KC are you? A lot of investors like Alpha title cause they can handle complicated assignment of contracts and their rates aren't crazy. I personally use Alliance Title but again it really depends where in KC you are located. Let me know.