Learning Wholesaling.. Help

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Hey Everyone,

So I just started diving into really learning about wholesaling & I just had a question for anybody with experience in the field.

1. When a direct mail lead calls you. what is the list of important information you want to collect from the seller to give you interest into moving you into scheduling a appointment to go see the property?

Also is there anybody with wholesaling experience in the Philadelphia area that is open to getting a coffee or Lunch with me to tell me a story of a wholesaling deal that they did. The bill is on me & I will drive to a place of your preference.    


You can find these on a lot of the training site that are up on the web. But here are a few, I got from somewhere:


- Tell me a little about your home (how many beds, bathrooms, etc?)
- Do you know how many square ft? Total on the main floor or do you have an upstairs and/or basement?
- What do you think is the best feature of your house?
- What are the worst?
- Is this house single level or is there upstairs or basement?
- How old is the house?
- Do you know what the annual real estate taxes are?
- Do you know the names of surrounding schools?
- On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the neighborhood?
- Sounds like you have a nice home, may I ask why you are selling?
- How long has the home been for sale?
- How many offers have you had? Do you mind telling me what the offers were?
- How did you come to the sales price?
- Are you FLEXIBLE?
- *** If I bring you an all-cash offer, what is the lowest price you would be willing to accept? (The answer to this is very important as it gets you closer to understanding what the seller's bottom line is)

I hope this helps a little. I would look into wholesalinginc.com, Chris Goff's videos, Flipman.com on youtube just to name a few.

Have a blessed day!

I know I'm extremely late but thank you so much @Eric Goodman this is exactly what I was looking for. 

Now if I was looking to get a seller financed deal from a direct mail piece or cold call. Other then is the property paid off (No Loan)... what information would you say I should collect specific to seller financing? 

Or is just the same questions you already listed basically. 

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