Follow Up Calls and not sure with structure to use

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I have used resources such as a VA cold calling 6 hours a day using Mojo off with leads fromProp stream. I have about 25 follow up calls to make with clients that went through a lead sheet with my VA passed and I all think will sell.

Only problem is I haven't done one deal and I'm not very confident on what structure to use.So its just free money piling up and im afraid to make that 1st call back to get it under contract.

I would love to Wholesale a few deals but I want to also know when to implement structures such as

1.Subject 2

2Owner Finance

3lease option

So truthfully I'm nervous because i have all these hot deals in front of me and having a hard time analyzing and getting this next step done. I reach out to a few agents to get me better comps on these 20 properties so i have better ARV # but i dont no how to add on repair cost if i havent seen the property . Ive heard of 10-20$ per sq foot but idk. Help me with a follow up call gameplan please




Sounds like to you need to JV some of these deals with someone. I would love to but I'm not experienced enough myself. I would recommend reaching out to an REIA and see if you can't hook up with someone there.

Best of luck, and good job getting to the hardest part!