Simple Wholesale Contract Template

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Is there anyone willing to provide me with a template wholesale contract? All of the sample contracts I've come across online are intimidating and I don't want such a contract to scare off my seller. This is my first deal so there's a possibility that it's just me but I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Thanks in advance.

I would think that a seller would be more scared of a custom, obviously pro-buyer contract than of your standard state-approved contract modified with your contingencies.  Given that you do intend to close the transaction you can specify time until closing, earnest money (or lack thereof), inspection period and financing needs.  As long as you make the contract assignable ( by signing it Your Name OR ASSIGNS) you have a contract that is pre-approved by the RE regulatory body of your state.

Whether wholesaling itself is legal or ethical in your state is another discussion.

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