Oregon/Vancouver (WA) area Wholesalers

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Hello Fellow Wholesalers!

I’m recently started getting into wholesaling but HAVEN’T gotten my first deal (IT ONLY TAKES ONE DEAL TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE-Max Maxwell), I’ve been driving for dollars & calling people, listening/ watching podcast/videos & reading books so I’m taking action.

I’d love to get together with active wholesalers in the area to share each other value we could provide each other. Connect with a mentor I could ask questions. How’s everyone’s experience wholesaling in Oregon/Vancouver (WA)?

Anyone have a good title company /RE Lawyer in the Portland area they suggest for wholesale transactions?

Thanks in advance!

Francisco Jasso

Good luck in your search. I have been in the Portland area for the past few years, but largely have focused on investing in the mid-West. I am an investor, and interested in starting to build a property base locally, so reach out if you do have deals that you'd like to discuss.

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