Success with deal machine app ?

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Has anyone use the DealMachine app and had real success I’m interested it to hear from real users not marketing material or people being paid to use the app on YouTube?

I’m still wrapping my brain around some of the tactics towards acquiring wholesale and distressed properties.


One thing i gotta say tho...... Any company that has stuff like:

  • Finally quit your job.
  • Never worry about bills or money again.
  • Experience the lifestyle of freedom and abundance you’ve always wanted.

...posted on their website, immediately raises red flags for me.

I am just starting, and I've done a little D4D (driving for deals/dollars).  The strategy is a good one, but time consuming.  I spend a few hours driving around with my 13 year-old son.  He's gotten good at recognizing good properties.
I use the DealMachine app.  It's great for tracking where you've driven and quickly tagging and looking up properties.  That's all I personally use it for.  
The app also allows you to do your DMM campaign right from the app.  It was pricey, but I think they came down in price recently.  Personally, I don't want to manage all of marketing through their app, nor do I want to manage some marketing in one place and some in another.
I do get a lot of notifications from them for their own marketing.  They keep telling me to tag 100 or 200 properties and send out 3 rounds of post cards, and yah de dah...  Then I can get on their wall of stars or something.  I haven't decided if that's generally annoying or a nice little prod in the right direction now and again.  

Deal Machine is legit and it's the best on the market, so utilize it's technology, pay for the tech and features, or do not use it!! It's simple, drive a little yourself each week, dedicate 5-10 hours extra a week, more hours on weekends and challenge yourself to find 50-100 properties that week. Know what you want though, are you looking to buy and sell the contract, BRRRR strategy, cosmetic flip for profit.

I was on the individual plan then switched to the enterprise plan because I know it will pay-off, and that plan is a 12-month commitment at $199/mo. Worth it if you know how to leverage the app, be genuine with your deal finders, know how to have quality conversations with distressed sellers, and actually have the buyers to close and/or have the capital yourself to close. 

Market and Pick up independent contractor drivers and only pay them if you get paid. It works for me and they enjoy it. I created a private FB group for us too to collaborate and we all have fun. It's up to them if they want to make money, they work hard, they will get rewarded when we close on a property. Do not start off paying people $15/hr, not worth it. They won't last long and cheat their hours, etc. (I've seen it), have them earn it like everything else in life. 

Also, I even motivate them to take some calls with me, learn the business some more, attempt to get contracts signed, and do different tasks in the business so they develop and are not just driving around bored. I encourage it. First thing is first, you have to treat these deal finders like your family, they are assets to you. 

I've been using it for about a week in a digital manner--just using Google Maps in conjunction with the desktop app in finding and validating properties that "look promising".

For the most part, I'm really liking it, especially in terms of some of the customization in the postcards and templates. Some of the options feel like they nickel-and-dime you and it's very early in me using it so it's hard to tell how effective it'll be in terms of reaching the right motivated sellers.