How Do I Obtain Property Owners Contact Information?

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So I’ve been driving for dollars and I’ve found a couple of neglected properties how can I obtain the property owners contact information so I could offer him/her a deal?

What questions should I ask? Do they need to have enough equity in the property to even proceed with the deal? What criteria should the property meet for me to be able to pull this through? Please help I’m itching to start calling and i just want to get a deal. I NEED TO START MAKING DEALS.

As Tim noted, the Assessor's Online Database should have the owner information (name and address). If you want a phone number, I would look for Building Permits that have been applied for and see if the owner's contact info is on any of them. You may be able to find a phone number on a document like that.

@Cirilo Villar A few things to point out here. 1. Skiptracing is the best way to find phone numbers for homeowners, make sure that you check the numbers against the DNC so you arent calling someone who is on the DNC list.

2. Understand that you will have to talk to lots of homeowners and hear a lot of NO’s before you hear a yes. Make sure you keep track of your stats. How many calls does it take to get an appointment? How many appointments to get a contract? Etc.

3. You are not trying to convince or cajole homeowners into selling, you are looking for those who are motivated or want to sell (and in some cases, those who have to sell)

4. Never be so desperate for a deal that you try to turn a bad deal or a non deal into a deal. Its either a deal or it isnt. Wanting or needing a deal doesnt change that fact.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck