Newbie looking to get started through wholesaling. Pros & cons?

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Hey guys,

I'm new to this and been studying the BP websites and podcasts. My goal is to build capital through wholesaling and then begin my first BRRR.

I’m hearing lots of pros and cons about wholesaling and I just wanted some feedback on if it’s worth wholesaling with no license.

Thanks in advance!!

I really think that it is a good investment if you are consistent,determined,and hustling.

It's really difficult to find deals to be honest, you're going to get way more rejections than deals.

But It's worth it if you think about it like 

Say you get 100 rejections then 101 is a deal worth 60k... Then another 100 rejections then number 102 is another deal secured this time for 70k It's all about if you feel like that scenario is worth it to you.

You just gotta have patience ,determination, hustle like crazy, and be a market/salesman. 

Then to get towards your goals , you're probably only going to need like 5 good deals until you can move on to your next goal.

Really hope i answered your question!