Student wanted to get his start

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I am a current student in Greenville, NC. I am reaching out to find if there is any options to get my start in REI. I've done a ton of research and it's been a dream of mine for a while now. But I am still unsure of any methods I could carry out as a full time student. I am thinking wholesaling could be a possibility if the laws in my area allow it. What are some opinions?

Hello Jordan, welcome to the community! I am new to REI as well and choosing to start with wholesaling. If it is legal in your state I would definitely suggest it because it has a low barrier to entry as far as capital goes. If you do have money to invest, but not much time, you could partner with someone and attempt a BRRRR strategy style take down. If capital is holding you back, which it may be, as a student, I would suggest starting in wholesale. From my research, ( Not Legal Advice) you dont want to do too many without having an LLC established, one or two seem to be fine. On BP they talk about 'The Triangle,' Hustle - Knowledge - Money ; If you dont have one, you will need the other two. I would suggest a good A to Z type book that really helped me out was The Real Estate Wholesale Bible. It is very detailed, plus the audiobook is on YouTube. I'm in the beginning as well so if you learn of anything helpful or have any questions that cant be solved with a quick Google search feel free to reach out. Good luck!

- James Lewis