Laws around yard signs in Texas

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I am currently trying to decide whether or not to display yard signs in San Antonio. I was wondering if this is legal or are there any restrictions I should be aware of. For example, is there anywhere that is illegal to place them?

I appreciate any suggestions.

100% stolen from @Seth Teel but this should answer your question.

For buying properties, I don't find bandit signs to be very effective. If you are looking for buyers or to sell a property bandit signs will definitely get your phone ringing. Expect about 100 to 1 ratio of calls to decent leads. I haven't thrown signs in years, because I don't feel the time spent relative to conversion rate is high enough.

As for legality, bandit signs are illegal. The City of San Antonio adopted a new sign ordinance in last year (view ordinance If you'd like your sign to be compliant, you need to pay a registration fee, then buy permit sticker for each sign. This would be extremely costly to do. The good news is enforcement is almost non-existent. You basically will need to be caught in the act of placing a sign in order to get ticketed and fined. I have thrown thousands of signs and never been ticketed.

In some municipalities (Windcrest & Balcones Heights) you will get a call from the Police Department or Chief of Police. They try to scare you, threaten to fine you, say they'll find you, ask you to pick all the signs up, etc. It's all BS. Just be polite, end the call, and go about your day.

I may not be reading into this right, but OP are you asking about Yard signs , physically in YOUR yard or an area you are working?  

If it's bandit signs ( on the side of the road, intersections, etc) yes they are illegal just about anywhere.  but people but them up over the weekends usually, and they survive until monday or tuesday