Return to Sender Mails

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I've started wholesaling last month. Sent out a few mailers. One of the mails came back to me. Return to sender. When you get one of these from a property, What's the next step to getting in touch with that owner?

It was difficult to tell if the property was abandoned or not. I assume now it was abandoned.

First I'd remove them from your list so you don't send it to them again and waste $ on your follow up sequence. Then put them in a new list and skip trace them and cold call. There are a lot of skip tracing providers out there (reiskip, batchskiptracing, ivyredata, americantracers). Since you now have an excuse to call it is actually better than a normal cold call (if that's even possible). i.e. "Hi, I have your letter and it came back to me. I was interested in your property at 123 Main St., are you interested in selling it?" You could even do a text message sequence as well. I currently don't cold call or text message but this is what I've heard works best!