How to find motivated sellers (subject to)

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The book Finding and Funding Great Deals by Anson Young, is really good at taking you step by step through the process. I strongly recommend reading it! Anson also did podcast #235 at the launch of the book if you want to check that out.

@Austin Wood there's no easy way to find subject 2 deals. Also, why even bother to look for motivated sellers amongst the unmotivated? I'd suggest you go off-market and get a targeted list (probate, absentee, divorce, tax-delinquent) and start marketing to them. You can either do cold calling or direct mail marketing. Both works great if you're persistent with your marketing.

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@Ehsan Rishat

I’m a newbie and have only done 1 deal and been looking for next deal for almost a year. The lists you mentioned; where do you obtain them?

 I obtain my lists from listsource.

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