Trouble finding more deals after first three closed

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So I have done three deals in my first 2 months of wholesaling and now it seems like super motivated leads are coming harder and harder to find in still setting appointments and giving offers on every appointment I have reversed engineered my first three deals they were all absentee owners with high equity and one was in ore forclosure so I’m only calling absentee owned with high equity and pre forclosure leads and have also been putting out bandit signs and started a direct mail campaign on a probate list. Any advice .? I’m going to just start pushing harder then every before and not give up because I know the buisness works if I work it right

Stay consistent with your marketing  activities and make sure to have a consistent follow up plan. Many deals are made on the follow up.

For those properties in probate on your list make sure your contacting the PR (Personal Representative).

They make the decision on which wholesalers to want to work with or which real estate agents they want to hire to list and sell the probate property..

@Jacob Michal ,

Congrats on the initial deals!

It's all about consistency and focus.  If you have a channel or two that's working, you should clearly stick with it and put all you can into it.  There are going to be natural ups and downs, and you need to be prepared for that. 

I say keep up your marketing and reinvest as much as you can into marketing and keep this going ALL of the time.  You should never stop doing this unless you want leads to start fading away.  You seem to have success in the high-equity absentee owners, and you're calling them, which is the best way to reach them and find the deals that are out there.  Don't stop doing this.  DMM is also great for finding leads, but it takes time to build up the channel and you MUST be consistent. Given how your high-equity absentee owners has been initially successful, I would maybe do some DMM to them.  Perhaps out-of-state owners as well.

If you're adding probate to the mix, recognize that it's going to be a different market and how you make it work is going to be different.  Make sure you have the right message for contacting them, and yes, you need to go through the PR.

Find your balance and don't give up.  You have a taste of success already.  

@Jacob Michal If you are in a crowded market, it is possible that the Absentee Owners are already getting a lot of offers in the mail box. There are some new lists of motivated owner occupied that haven't yet been saturated. Think about working with a list broker to get some new ideas.