Driving 4 dollar leads

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@Sean Daves Totally totally totally in ever way depends on your follow-up.  If you send 1 mailer per d4d lead, then about 1,000,000.  If you have a system for repeat mailers and are focusing on "upgrading" the leads and are mailing 7-14 times per lead, then you might be looking at 1 deal per 60-100 leads.  

The fortune is in the follow-up, so master that and you'll be the king!

@Sean Daves,

I'd also consider adding in cold-calling.  Talking to people is way more effective, but be prepared to have to grow a thick skin.  Some people won't appreciate it.  Be prepared with a well-practiced script.  You want to be able to quickly determine what's not a deal and move on, as this can be a big time suck.  But, be able to quickly recognize a potential deal and start building your rapport and find out what's motivating them.

Good luck!

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