How to approach a tax delinquent seller as a wholesaler?

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I've narrowed down my first few deals and all of them are in the state of pre-foreclosure due to delinquent taxes, but I'm confused on how I go about approaching the homeowner. Do I go the normal route of skiptracing, calling them and explaining how I want to help them? I figured this would be the case but then again I wasn't sure if that would be the way to go about it that would be the most welcomely received? What about if I get questions like how I knew their situation or #? Any tips on what to say?

Just call them up and introduce yourself as an investor and ask if they are Interested in selling their house. Do not open with the Pre foreclosure let them tell you that. 

Never bring up their "situation". Just explain who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. You need to make it about them and not about you. Lots of wholesalers forget this and sell promises they have no intention of keeping and end up putting the homeowners in a worse situation. Honesty and good faith go a long way in this business so don't skimp on it.

As already said no need to talk about pre foreclosure. Just ask, Have you thought about selling.

Only if then, if that doesn't work you can mention I just happened to:
1) drive by and noticed the property was vacant
2) drive by and notice the property is overgrown and in disrepair.
3) Be looking for properties in that neighborhood

The last options it to mention the foreclosure and they possibly only after you said the obove caused me to look a little further and I noticed in the public records you were in tax foreclosure