City Doesn't Have A Water Shutt-Off List?

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I contacted a city rep(+500,000 pop) to try to get their water shut off list and was informed that they "have not shut off water for delinquent accounts for some time". Is that odd?

Or some type of special program. I browsed through everything that I could find online in regards to utilities with this city. I couldn't find any mention of the city allowing residents to not pay their water bill without reciprocation.

Has anyone else beeing through this before?  Thank you for any replies I get on this issue.

@(After Writing Post Thought) Will try to re-word my request it to get the list of delinquent accounts.

This seems odd to me. I have never seen a jurisdiction not shut off delinquent accounts. Is there a chance the person you were speaking to was wrong? Maybe ask for a supervisor to ask. 

Good Luck, Aaron

@Isaiah Coe I think the mistake you are making is asking for delinquent account information. Most cities treat that information as private or confidential. What you should be asking for is property addresses with inactive water meters or disconnected water service. I will warn you that this will give you properties that are rentals, houses that are currently listed for sale and recently sold. But it will also give you addresses of properties that have a high probability of being vacant. You want to go back maybe 18-24 months to get the houses that have been vacant for awhile.